A friend of mine asked me, “How many languages can you speak fluently without errors?” I was a little taken aback as I had always felt proud of being a polyglot (someone who is multi-lingual). I could converse in a couple of other languages but speaking without making a mistake – I wasn’t so sure! This remark made me think about polishing my language skills. I began looking for a course to learn using languages confidently without making mistakes.

Rocket Languages

Learning a new language is always exciting! I started looking at Rocket Languages as an option, and as I looked further, I was convinced of its capabilities!

Mastery over languages is never easy to achieve and requires your full attention and focus. With most language apps, you will need to devote a lot of time to lessons. Once you sign up for Rocket Languages, you will understand why it is such an excellent language training tool. It aims to make the best use of your time.

What is Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is a popular language-learning website and app today. It is a comprehensive and interactive language learning tool. Its primary focus is on learners keen on achieving proficiency in the language they want to master. Currently, the languages you can learn are Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, German, Korean, Chinese, French, and Russian. The app trains you to read, listen, write, and speak the chosen language fluently.

Rocket Languages has three difficulty levels for each language, which in turn have modules. There are several lessons within the modules too. Rocket Languages use a point system to track your progress and help you improve your score every single day. You can compare your points on a graph and leader board.

The program focuses on:

  • Improving new vocabulary (using flashcards as teaching tools)
  • Hearing to improve your speaking skills (using audio clips)
  • Perfecting your pronunciation (using voice recognition tools)
  • Quizzes to find out how far you have understood the conversation in the lesson
  • Writing tests

Methods of Teaching

It is recommended to do the language course online via a computer or via their app. They have both IOS/Android versions. However, if you wish, you can also download their course material as PDF files.

The audio lessons have various levels that have 30 lessons each and take a total of 60 hours to cover. Each lesson makes you listen to an audio clip on a particular topic lasting about 15 to 40 minutes – this will be in your native language and in the language you want to learn. You will get a translation of the clip, and you must repeat the words and phrases out aloud. The vocabulary and the grammar portion are divided into fragments, and you get tasks such as games, quizzes, and flashcards.

You will find that each level comes with 60-120 hours of culture and language lessons. Grammar is given importance so that you understand the language better and get a better insight into the origin country’s culture. Since the lessons contain many texts, you may find it a tad tiresome, but they are definitely useful, and you shouldn’t give up.

There is a whole section for writing lessons in the language you want to learn. You will learn new characters, and this will help you further. The site follows a highly targeted self-teaching strategy.

The survival kit lessons teach you to use phrases that are mainly used in your day-to-day life, at shops, when using the public transport system, and at restaurants.

Travelogue, available in only a few languages, can be purchased at an additional cost. This helps you when you are about to travel and want to understand the destination country’s language. All useful phrases from hiring a taxi to traveling around the city are covered.

Progress Monitoring

After every session, you have five subsections under “Rocket Reinforcement.” Each of them aims to consolidate whatever you have learned in the previous lesson to ensure your efforts are firmly placed in mind. Your progress is rated by the software, and you cannot move to the next module till all of them are completed. After each audio lesson, you will be asked to translate words in the language you are learning – this is in the self-assessment section.


The advanced learning technique articles help you learn the languages quickly and efficiently. Language teachers, fellow learners, and native speakers are always available for premium users to interact with. I really like the fact that you have a community of sorts to turn to if you need anything. They are there to help answer your questions during the learning process.


  • It makes you understand and speak the language correctly
  • It suits all learning styles
  • Very easy to understand and follow
  • Engaging and interactive
  • Speaking practice with voice recognition
  • You can play the lessons on a computer or phone
  • As many as 12 languages are taught
  • One-time fee for access all through
  • Audio instructions and interactive exercises are blended well
  • American Sign Language, which is not offered by many language learning sites
  • A simple interface
  • Lots of opportunities to test your learning


  • At times, voice recognition does not work properly
  • Practice exercises are a bit clunky
  • Not enough space for practicing non-Roman scripts
  • There is an expensive initial payment
  • Exercises may be somewhat repetitive
  • The quality of the course differs with each language

Final verdict

As someone who wanted to learn more languages and learn them well, I find Rocket Languages to be a very useful app. It offers lots of resources to learn to read and write the language. Of course, you must dedicate time to use the material properly.

I rate Rocket languages a full 5 Stars!

The approach and methodology that Rocket Languages adopts is quite impressive and definitely worth the try if you seriously need to master a language. It is, of course, not without flaws. Yet, you will feel more comfortable with the lessons and exercises compared to many other language teaching sites. After some time, you can always come back for a review. Honestly, being so interactive, the courses at Rocket Languages are addictive!

Rocket Languages

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