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The driving fear cure

Motorphobia or amaxophobia is the fear of driving. It is not uncommon to find people who are scared of driving and stay away from taking driving lessons due to this phobia. Do you get chills down the spine at the very thought of driving? A lot of people get panic attacks when they see even minor accidents on the road. The result? You tend to pay a hefty amount to taxis, and tension mounts up when there is a delay in getting cabs or even public transport.

The driving fear cure How do you prevent such fears in your mind about driving?

Many people tend to tease you when they notice your fear of driving, which ultimately leads to decreasing self-confidence. Is it not high time you found a solution to avoid such embarrassments? Yes, you really need to look for a way out! Driving Fear Program by Rich Presta and Dr. Chery Lane offers to help you allay your fears. Created by a clinical psychologist who also had a similar problem and got out of the same very easily, the program is a natural method to alleviate your fears.

What is the Driving Fear Program and how it works

The Driving Fear Program deals with anxiety related to driving a car and how to overcome it. The book comes to you with instructions on how to stop panicking about driving. It also has some interesting bonuses:

  • The Complete Driving Fear Manual – with step-by-step techniques to get rid of your fear of driving
  • The Fast Lane Audio Session – extra information you can listen to when you want to end your fears especially when driving alone
  • The Driving Fear 2.0 – 19 videos compilation to show how the program works
  • The SAFE series – means subliminal auditory fear elimination. It is a two-hour audio file to help you get out of this fear
  • The Anxiety Helix – information on how you get panic attacks and how to overcome them
  • The Complete Overdrive System – comes with audio recordings and report from mental health therapists
  • The Driving Fear Audio Edition – you can listen to this anywhere when you do not drive

The program focuses on the fact that fears are created by our minds based on neurolinguistic theory. The techniques suggested in the program are easy to understand and follow as you continue to use the program. You will know why such panic attacks come to your mind whenever you take up driving and comprehend the various types of distractions that you will come across when you drive. You will also learn how to handle difficult drivers.

The program suggests seven principles that will guide you in eliminating anxiety and fear of driving. You will understand why you are getting scared of driving and how to come out of it. You will come to terms with the fact that your family members or friends will not sympathize with you or your problem. You have to develop the motivation and self-confidence to drive on your own.

The driving fear cure

Who is the program for?

The program is specifically meant for people who have been having issues with driving confidently. It analyses the anxieties and fears about driving that are deeply rooted in your mind. The program helps you identify why you get such panic attacks and what measures you can take to overcome them. Even if you had been involved in any accident earlier and impacted by it, you can work through your fears.

The program analyses how your brain works when you think of driving and suggests logical concepts to understand and reprogram your mind so that you become fearless. You should understand that plenty of health concerns start creeping up once you are anxious, and the program gives details on how to avoid these problems. It is a known fact that your career and finances are deeply affected if you are unable to drive confidently.

When you can thwart your fears of driving, your commute to working place gets easier, and chances brighten for climbing up the career ladder. Since you will be spending less on commuting by taxis, you can save more money.

By following the instructions given in the program, you will gain confidence and peace when you are behind the wheel. This is not like any other program that targets people with any other anxiety, but it focuses only on people like you who are afraid of driving.


  • The techniques suggested in the program are natural methods.
  • No medications will be suggested
  • Refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program within 60 days.
  • Affordable pricing
  • You will get introduced to a members’ forum where you can interact with the other members who also had similar fears. It is a good platform for exchanging your experiences and views with other members.
  • Very simple techniques and strategies to conquer your fears
  • There are valid proofs that the program works well
  • Detailed instructions are given so that nothing is left untouched


  • You will not get desired results if you do not follow the instructions meticulously
  • Many people have felt that results take a long time
  • Not suitable for everyone with anxiety
  • To be followed by anyone who has a phobia for driving only. It is not suitable if you
  • have multiple anxieties.

Final Verdict

Obviously, you are tired of your fear to drive when you see others doing it without any inhibitions or hesitations. It is not very advisable to take pills that may have an adverse impact on your health. The Driving Fear Program will help you get rid of panic attacks when driving. With so many testimonials on how effective the program has been on the users, you can be convinced that the program is not a scam. However, a word of caution here: you need to understand that no program guarantees 100% results. It may vary from person to person based on how deep your anxieties are, how meticulously you follow the instructions etc.

The program is designed in such a way that you can expect some pleasant changes in your life, transforming you into someone who can drive more efficiently and confidently without any fear or anxiety. This is what you have been longing for, isn’t it? Since the program offers a money-back guarantee after 60 days if you are not satisfied with the program or results are not forthcoming, your money is safe. You can take professional help also if you feel the need, before signing up for the program. My rating of the program is 4.0 stars.

The driving fear cure
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